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Writing is a part of every culture around the world and sharing stories is a tradition older than the understanding of ideals of tradition itself. FictionBinge is about founding a community of authors for the purpose of submitting free content for readers with the intention of building a network of readership and professional colleagues. FictionBinge is a space for authors to develop their craft with the support of other authors by publishing their stories on FictionBinge for fellow authors to read and suggest edits. Readers will be delighted to be a part of the writing process as we spread the craft of fiction writing across our world, sharing a piece of ourselves in the process.

GREAT NEWS! FictionBinge is currently holding a CONTEST offering sci-f, fantasy and crime thriller writers a chance to publish their work on FictionBinge.net. This site is as much for the readers as it is a professional network for the authors who participate.

The rules are simple. The piece must be the length of a short story or novella, no full length novels please. It should be science fiction, fantasy or a crime thriller, there’s plenty of romance sites that already crush it. I want to focus on the bizarre, heart-pounding or just plain curious worlds like those created by other authors of the genre(s) such as Stephen King and James Patterson to name a couple. We want thrillingly believable stories that keep readers reading.

The CONTEST winners will be announced and their story published on Thanksgiving Day! How’s that for holiday surprise. I look forward to every submission that comes through and good luck to all of you.

– James Jr.


“I write because I want to tell a story; and because in the telling, I reveal an aspect of myself that I hadn’t been aware of before.”

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