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FictionBinge arose out of my love for writing and the desire to have a space where I can publish my work. As my body of work grows I shall have what may be considered a small library of personal literature. However, for readers to have something even more exciting than the work of a single author, why not encourage others to share their work here on FictionBinge as well.

FictionBinge is new and I invite you to subscribe as we unfold the layers of FictionBinge over the coming months. What’s coming? We’re glad you asked.

  • Writer’s Block – some tried and tested methods to making sure you get your writing in daily.
  • Before and After – A section where I apply the methods listed in popular writing self-help books to my own works and share the results with fellow readers and writers, explaining the process step-by-step.
  • Where’s My Readers? – A section devoted to the ongoing search for readers and how to connect with them. We’ll look at who our readers are now and who they will be in the future based on publishing and social media trends.
  • Submission – Yes. Submissions are coming soon, subscribe now to stay in the loop on submissions and guidelines. At this time we are accepting text submissions on our welcome page for publishing on Thanksgiving 2019. I really look forward to reviewing all of your stories before FictionBinge publishes the top pick on Turkey Day!
Photo of James Jr., an American author out of Northern California. James Jr. writes sci-fi/fantasy and their urban counterparts as well as crime thrillers.
James Jr., Author and creator of

I started writing brooding poetry that frequented the darker shades of the self: loneliness, loss, self-loathing, hatred and blame toward a higher power after my mother died. Now decades later, I write because I want to tell a story; and because in the telling, I reveal an aspect of myself that I hadn’t been aware of before. I write urban sci-fi, urban fantasy, crime thrillers and any combination of the three mostly. On occasion I like to write literary dramas and poetry. When I’m not writing, I’m learning photography and videography, meditating, doing home improvement projects or spending time with my family, who thinks I spend too much time with the computer.

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